Hostgator Coupons & Review

In this digital era where businesses are only credible when they have visible online presence, proper website hosting is very critical. Hostgator has a unique approach that not only makes it the preferable hosting service provider but also one offering some of the lowest prices in the industry. Here is an Hostgator review that highlights the various hosting plans it offers and the pricing plans available as well as some features that make it stand out.

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Hosting plans

Shared hosting – Hostgator offers three shared website hosting plans; Launch, Power and Pro. The said plans cost $2.95, $4.49 and $7.49 respectively. The mentioned plans come with provisions for two, five and unlimited MySQL and PostgreSQL databases respectively. All have unlimited bandwidth and disc space and allow enough space for two websites for the Launch plan, six websites for the Power plan and unlimited websites on the Pro plan. In addition, the plans have enough space to pack six and 26 domains for the Launch and Power plans respectively while the Pro plan accommodate an unlimited number of domains.

Moreover, all plans come with enough space for unlimited spam safe email accounts. They come with free domain registration or transfer, data backup, round the clock support and advertising credit worth $250. Additionally, each plan is PHP, Ruby, Python, Perl enabled, and all have SSH access.

The shared website hosting plans that Hostgator offer are suitable for static websites. They also work great for content management systems that are data driven. People looking to run custom applications that make use of websites that are ever fast and with pages that load even faster are also safer using these plans.

Virtual Private Server hosting –The three plans are available and cost $29.99 per month for the basic plan, $49.99 for what is touts as the best value and $74.99 for its premier value plan. These plans offer between 4 and 8 GB memory, 4 TB bandwidth for the basic plan and 5 and 6 TB for the remaining two, in order of increasing sophistication.

All the VPS plans come with a provision of three or more IP addresses. In addition, all the plans have unlocked CPU cores, space for unlimited number of email accounts, free license for full cPanel, equivalent to $200 every year.

The VPS plans that Hostgator offer have cloud-powered infrastructure that help ensure that they have the slightest downtime, if ever, and real time redundancy. Other powerful features that accompany these plans include free SSD drives. The said solid-state drives offer faster speeds for both read and write functions as well as constant uptime compared to traditional web space. In essence, this translates to faster blogs, e-commerce stores, websites or even custom-built applications for that matter.

The hosting service provider has a unique and secure IMAP email feature that allows users to send more than 3500 emails in an hour, set up and maintain an unlimited number of email accounts on a single hosting account.

The plan comes optimized for e-commerce and offers free backup of data. It optimizes its plans for e-commerce solutions such as Magento, WooCommerce and PrestaShop for WordPress. This serves to improve both speed and reliability. Moreover, installing and activating the said solutions take only a few clicks. It thus is easy to take advantage of these popular e-commerce platforms to sell your goods or services.

Dedicated Server Hosting – Users looking for more privacy that VPS hosting plans can provide are welcome to try the three dedicated server plans available. These Linux powered plans come with free SSD and users can configure these (the plans that is) to fit whatever hosting need.

The three; Essential, Advanced and Elite, cost $99.99, $159.99 and $299.99 respectively. Hostgator Hosting offers its plans with some form of discount. The said prices for instance, reflect discounts that range from 23% and 47% of the regular price. The basic dedicated server hosting plan for instance, starts from 189.99 per month if you apply the regular price without the discount.

These plans offer at least 4 GB memory with the premier plan maxing out at 32 GB. Other features include at least 500 GB disc space, data transfer up to 6 TB per month and at least 5 dedicated IP addresses. In addition, every user accesses managed hosting and, at least 99.999% uptime, multi-layer defense for all manner of DDoS attacks and 30-day money-back guarantee.

Aside from these three plans, Hostgator has three other dedicated serve hosting plans that it refers to as commercial class. These three, CC500, CC1000 and CC2000 start from $369.99 and cap at $539.99 for the most advanced plan.

WordPress hosting – For the longest time, Hostgator lagged behind because it did not offer WordPress hosting in its menu of provisions. Well, that has since changed. The hosting service provider now offers three plans, which are Launch, Power and Pro. These three start from $2.95, maxing out at $7.49 for the most-advanced plan. ( hostgator coupons 2019 )

The plans come with provisions for free domain, two websites for the basic plan and unlimited websites for the Pro plan. The plans offer unlimited web space, bandwidth and space for limitless email accounts.

The said plans come with WordPress preinstalled and ready to use. They can upgrade safely and allow use of any plugin including add on for popular e-commerce platforms and solutions. In addition, users can take advantage of the free themes to customize their sites, use the versatile drag and drop website builder to make their websites and launch the entire WordPress site in an hour or less.

Reseller hosting – Entrepreneurs looking for business avenues can do more than just host their sites. They can pick any of the reseller plans that Hostgator provides to host websites for their clients. These plans cost between $13.99 and $27.99 per month and offer up to 160 GB disc space, 1.5 TB monthly data exchanges and at least 1 dedicated IP address.

Hostgator Hosting has stellar plans that factor in various business needs. They also have very reasonable price tags and have a host of great features that providers charging steeper rates are not able to provide. This Hostgator review offers a great insight into the company and its provisions. It is thus simple to discern why this hosting service provider deserves all the five possible stars.